🐴🐴Berrima Horse Trials Spring One-Day Event 2-3 November 2019🐴🐴

Both PPP Rambunctious (aka Bo ) and PPP Rondeau enjoyed a great competition. Congratulations to both of them !

Bo competed in the EvA95A and after a course error in the Dressage was placed 10th in the class of 24 but with a clear Show Jumping and Cross Country finished in 5th position overall.


The Rider’s Series

Sydney International Equestrian Centre, 18 August 2019. PPP Seductor and Craig Watson placed 2nd. With 60 in the Official 1.05 class. Congratulations to them both !

April Wrap.

A Massive Month. Peppercorn Park competed in 5 comps across dressage, Showjumping and Eventing, taking 14 horses out.

It all started with Camden show on the 5th of April with PPP Seductor, PPP Quinten and PPP Vive Le Mop. All horses jumped great.

Then Sydney dressage on the 7th of April at SIEC....

Sydney Jump Club 17th Feb

Craig Watson was out again with the jumping team, PPP Viv Le Mop, PPP Quinten Bear and PPP Seductor. PPP Viv Le Mop placed 5th in the 90cm speed class with out even trying. Both PPP Viv Le Mop and PPP Seductor jumped the 1meter class really well and PPP Quinten Bear is improving with every outing. N...

The Riders Series 9th Feb 2019

The Rider Series 9th February 2019.

Craig Watson took the 3 big boys, PPP Quinten Bear, PPP Seductor and PPP Viv Le Mop to the Rider Series.

PPP Seductor got 2nd in the 85cm.

It was a great start to the year for the boys.

Craig & PPP Viv Le Mop

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